Wedding Party

Marie Christine

Maid of Honor

She is Julie's sister. From pissing off parents to first days in school, to applying for college and planning a wedding, Christine led the way every time. She keeps Julie focused and organized, and supportively drives decision making. Her special skills involve a lot of talking, but she is extremely smart and a great person to look up to.


Maid of Honor

She is Julie's original half. Born together, raised together and adulting together, they could not be more different. Thankfully, their differences promote balance. Saley is authentic in any situation, and doesn't compromise her values or beliefs to please anyone. When she shows kindness, it's very special, but when you're family, it's ordinary.



Dorie is Julie's cousin. Inseparable during the first part of their childhood in Haiti, they moved apart and no longer got to eat lunch together every day. Nevertheless, the memories they created over the years span over 1500 miles. Fun to be with, she has always been and still is there whenever Julie needs her. Here, there, or anywhere.

Anne Françoise


AF is also Julie's cousin. She does anything and everthing Julie asks, and never complains. Every night, she makes Julie warm chocolate crepes with chocolate ice cream, and every night, Julie eats it. Without her, Julie would probably fit in her dress, but the bridesmaids would not have found such stunning dresses.



Ursula is Julie's newest sister. She is full of ideas and energy, and anytime Julie's plans get dull, she is able to guide with an artistic direction. She comes with strong family values, and she's very good at bringing people together.


Best Man

Marco is Anthony's long time college roommate. There are too many stories about this guy, but to sum it up, they have a good time. You know those college stories you hear about? This is the guy they're told about. Legendary. You name it, he's done it. Marco's outgoing personality and unique sense of humor make him one of the most entertaining personalities around. He played a huge role in making sure Anthony got a full college experience. He also introduced Julie & Anthony.

Jules "Jr."


Jules is Anthony's brother. The last of five, he's the type of guy that makes lemons out of lemonade (yes, you read that right). He tends to complicate things, but kid knows more than an encyclopedia. Best little bro anyone can ask for. Works hard, self motivated, very reliable.



Aux is Anthony's brother from another mother. They never lived less than 30 miles apart, but they've been close since the age of 10. Aux's mindset and undeniable will to chase his dreams is inspiring. Whether in real life or madden, they push each other toward greatness. When they get together, time flies. You can't have a bad time with him, even if you tried.

Rhulx "Ricky"


If Julie had a brother, Ricky would be Anthony's newest brother. His laid back mentality and willingness to engage in a good time makes him one of the easiest people to have fun with. Though the good times with Rhulx demand some travel, Julie & Anthony look forward to making many more memories with him.



The name says it all, he brings the party. At the same time, Prince's calm demeanor and level headedness help navigate family drama, and he just brings people together. He's the type of guy you want around in any situation.
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